UNIVERSE EXPANDING MATTER FUEL By Doc. Petraq Vasil, August 2011 Opinion about pushing between dark energy and matter or antimatter



By Doc. Petraq Vasil, August 2011

Opinion about pushing forces between dark energy and matter or antimatter

To express my opinion I had applied the main  absolute invariant knownledge:

Invariability of the Energy.

Invariability of the Impulse.

Invariability of the Spin.

Certainly, the question comes up: which is the mechanism of this pushing force? The Casimir Attracting Force between two parallel metallic plates is scientifically proven. But, creation of this real force is different in cosmos. Dimensions within the universe matter are huge compared to the dimensions where the Casimir forces are applicable. Existence of Dark Energy Density ( J / m3 ) gradient role. In the  Casimir Gap plates case is the difference between dark energy density outside the  gap and the dark energy density inside the Casimir Gap, this is easily  obvious. In universe conditions, this difference is complicate to be understood. The matter universe complexity by dimensions and dispersion, is difficult to precise the two different outside and inside the universe matter.

Essentially author thinks, the Dark Energy density differs not only by the coordinate positions, but also by time – consuming.   

At the dark energy centre, density is maximal, at the borders is null. So, the dark energy push the matter at the border directions.    

During the dark energy collision virtual particles with matter particles process, these matter particles receive a bit of mechanical impulse, and an opposite mechanical impulse should arise on dark energy virtual particles. This mechanical impulse reation caused by dark energy, should be transferred to the whole universe dark energy. The received matter impulses, impose an acceleration to these matter particles. The same process should be imposed to the Whole Universe Matter situated in contact with virtual particles of the dark energy. Besides the universe matter exists the universe antimatter,  and  the same activity happen at the universe antimatter. The antimatter position against the universe matter, is explained after the Big Bang explosion. This activity of these virtual dark energy  particles can easy explain the  pushing mystery force to the matter, or to the antimatter in “Our whole Universe”. This indicates that the impulse which is created in the whole universe matter is compensated by the reaction of all active elements of the dark energy [ Integral ( Fdt ) ]. On the other hand, the impulse which is generated in the whole universe antimatter is also compensated by all active elements of dark energy [ Integral ( – Fdt ) ]. These two integral forces compensate each other.

So, remain  the only two pushing forces, respectively on the matter and on the antimatter. The accelarated force on universe matter  and respective accelareted force  on universe antimatter. These two forces are equal but oposite.

The universe dark energy operates as a transmission medium. The kinetics energy transmited into the matter or antimatter particles, is applied not only by the Invariability of the Impulse but also by the Invariability of the Energy knowledge. This universal activity persists as far as dark energy accelaration forces are greater then gravitational force between the universe matter and universe antimatter. Inside the universe matter and universe antimatter proceed the  gravitational activity.

This dark energy loss evokes changes in the whole universe Dark Energy Density. The dark energy decrease diminish the resulting acceleration on to the universe matter and universe antimatter.

Contrary to this dark energy decrease, the universe matter and universe antimatter enlarge their mass and the gravitational force  between them.

At the universe borders the density value is zero. At the center the density value  is maximal. The border regions do not contribute the pushing forces to the matter or antimatter. The dark energy density higher values,  exist on the dark energy volume center.

The matter and the antimatter have the same structure by disposing operational spins, so they belong on the the same type.

The dark energy structure differs from the nature of matter or antimatter, and is missing operational spins. Inside the same type, gravitational atractive forces exist. On the other hand, between different types  pushing forces exist. This universal criteria must be valid also for operational criteria within the whole universe.

At these situation the Matter and antimatter universe, with internal gravitational forces, enters gradually into the the black hole and antiblack hole creating process.

 The gravitational pulling force between black hole and the antiblack hole, finally causes the collision between them, or  Big Bang process, The annyhilation process transforms the whole universe into the Big Bang. The matter and antimatter, annihilation producing colossal irradiation energy, which should be transformed in dark energy and in dust matter — antimatter.

Recovery Universe Process

A part of the contacting matter and antimatter annyhilates. This also increases the dark energy and dark energy density,  and recreates the ability of dark energy pushing particles.

These particles begin the  universe recovery process by the separation force between dark energy  with matter and respective antimatter dust. This operation seperates the matter from the antimatter, and starts up the universe recovery process. So, under these transforming process, the universe holds up its cyclic recovery.

Note: The light speed inside the dark energy, depends on the level of dark energy density. Under current  universe conditions, the light speed is c = ~3.0  x  108  (m / sec).  Because the dark energy density changes extremely slow, we can assume the  light speed in vacuum a constant value.


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