Note: “For many years, the absence of antimatter in the Universe has tantalised particle physicists and cosmologists: while the Big Bang should have created equal amounts of matter and antimatter, we do not observe any primordial antimatter today”. Where has it gone? The LHC experiments have the potential to unveil natural processes that could hold the key to solving this paradox. “Every time that matter is created from pure energy, equal amounts of particles and antiparticles are generated”. Conversely, when matter and antimatter meet, they annihilate and produce light. If the Universe contained antimatter regions, we would be able to observe intense fluxes of photons at the boundaries of the matter/antimatter regions. “In the absence of such evidence, can we conclude that matter domains are at least the size of the entire visible Universe”? What caused the disappearance of antimatter in favour of matter?

Presence of the Dark Matter and Dark Antimatter

could be the cause of this Mystery.

Posted on November 23, 2011 by Doc. Petraq Vasil

The simplest form of the Casimir effect was predicted in 1948 by H.B.G. Casimir and consists in the attraction between a pair of neutral, parallel conducting plates placed in the vacuum. The fluctuating virtual particles exert a “radiation pressure” on the plates which on average is greater outside the plates than between them – as shown in the figure diagram. But, creation of this real force is different in cosmos. Dimensions within the universe matter are huge compared to the dimensions where the Casimir forces are applicable. “Under these universe dimensions, the interpretation of this force could be more compliant considering the vacuum virtual particles, not like in case of Casimir Gap, but as the consequence of the complex energy density as result from the presence of Dark and Matter ( or Antimatter ) Energy”.

If in an Universe space together with Dark Energy exists also an amount of normal matter (or an amount antimatter), then the pushing forces expand the matter (or the antimatter). This Dark Energy pushing forces depends on their average empty vacuum space between matter or antimatter respective molecules. These forces cause the matter or antimatter expansion, ranging from the Big Bang instant action until now, had left them some 13.7 milliard light years.

In the same case with Dark Matter (or Dark Antimatter respectively) being situated in the gaseous state, the empty spaces between their molecules are larger. The average driving force of Dark Energy will result many times smaller, and therefore expansion to the dark matter or to the dark antimatter respectively, should be outside usually smaller than that for the case of normal matter or antimatter. This observed rate of expansion results in vertical expansion order between and the completeness of the antimatter and matter about 4 to 8 light years, from starting instant of the Big Bang up to date of the Universe.

This phenomenon is developing in a so way so different between matter and dark matter, causing separation antimatter from matter, through the dark gas existence generated by the dark matter generated by the dark Matter Universe versus part of the Antimatter Universe.
If the devices can be implemented, with Detection to capture an even amount of extremely weak light, could become a potential generation of Antimatter Universe detection.

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